• Tom Petch is a director, screenwriter and founder of Dark Wave. Petch's debut feature 'The Patrol', released to critical acclaim, was described as both 'impressive' - Peter Bradshaw (Guardian) and 'a British answer to the Hurt Locker' (Total Film).

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    Petch's debut feature film 'The Patrol' won the Raindance Film Festival, and was released to critical acclaim: 'Guerilla Film Making' (The Telegraph); 'first time writer-director Tom Petch makes a powerful impression with this tough, smart war movie' (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian); 'A former soldier's award-winning film about disillusioned troops in Afghanistan is impressive' (Mark Kermode, Observer). He since founded Dark Wave and has new features in development.

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    Hard hitting charity film that premiered before James Bond 'Spectre'.

    David Reviews 4 stars

    'The Patrol'

    UK theatrical trailer for winner of the Raindance film festival.

    Guardian 4 stars

    F1 'New Boy'

    Two of Britain's greatest drivers discuss the Silverstone Grand Prix.

    Sky Sports

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  • "I have been that angry soldier... If you don't believe that any of these aspects can or have occurred, then take assurance from an old hand... they have and they do. Soldiers soldier, not because of orders, not for patriotism, not for money, not for love... they do it for the man next to them, and the respect that comes from that service... that title 'Soldier'."



    Afghan Veteran's review of 'The Patrol'



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    This post deals with a subject that is very close to my heart: the treatment of Commonwealth Soldiers. For a bit of background, Britain has always called on the Commonwealth in all her wars. In the First World War, the Indian Expeditionary of 24,000 held the breach at Neuve Chappelle through...
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    For knowledgeable investors, private investment in British film currently shares, with Collateralised Debt Obligations, a deep circle of hell. Anyone with only a superficial knowledge of the film industry, however, might find this surprising: it is boom time with £1.9bn invested in British film...
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