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    Tom Petch is a director, screenwriter and founder of Dark Wave. Petch's debut feature 'The Patrol', released to critical acclaim, was described as both 'impressive' - Peter Bradshaw (Guardian) and 'a British answer to the Hurt Locker' (Total Film).

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    Petch's debut feature film 'The Patrol' won the Raindance Film Festival, and was released to critical acclaim: 'Guerilla Film Making' (The Telegraph); 'first time writer-director Tom Petch makes a powerful impression with this tough, smart war movie' (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian); 'A former soldier's award-winning film about disillusioned troops in Afghanistan is impressive' (Mark Kermode, Observer). He since founded Dark Wave and has new features in development.




    'I have been that angry soldier... If you don't believe that any of these aspects can or have occurred, then take assurance from an old hand... they have and they do. Soldiers soldier, not because of orders, not for patriotism, not for money, not for love... they do it for the man next to them, and the respect that comes from that service... that title 'Soldier'.


    Veteran's review of 'The Patrol' .



    George Aligayah interviewing Tom on BBC News


    Tom on Sky News talking about affect of war


    Peter Bradshaw 'The Patrol' **** film review


    Interview on making of 'The Patrol'


    John Humphrys with Kevin Powers (author of ‘Yellow Birds’) and Tom Petch on BBC Today program

  • If you know neither yourself nor your enemy you will lose every battle

    Sun Tzu

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    November 13, 2019 · film finance,Film Production,film tax,Film,film cash rebate
    Watching a film or high end TV one might assume that film producers chose the film location that relates most closely to the description in the script, either real or fictional. But while this is one consideration there is a second major influence; the film tax rebate available in the country....
    February 15, 2019 · EIS,film finance,film,Film Production,Tom Petch
    This post follows up my post 31 Oct 2017 https://www.tompetch.com/blog/is-eis-for-uk-film-under-threat . Back then I was active in lobbying for a stay of execution for the EIS tax relief UK investors get for putting their hard earned cash into British film – some might argue the only reason an...
    October 31, 2017 · film,film finance,Tom Petch,EIS
    It appears the use of EIS for funding UK film may be under fire on 22nd November. In a similar way as the withdrawal of Section 48 the Treasury may be taking a dim view of the use of EIS for film, which accounts for roughly one third of EIS funding in the UK. While not open to the same level of...
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    Tom supports mental health. Here's a film about PTSD for the charity Talking2Minds. For articles on the subject see Tom's Blog


    Written by Nick Allsop, Directed by Tom Petch, Camera Stu Bentley, Edited by Luke Deverill.
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    Tom Petch is a director, screenwriter and founder of Dark Wave and Salt Film.


    Petch served for eight years in the British Army, including tours of Bosnia and Cambodia, leaving the Army in 1997. In 2000 he founded Salt Film, which went on to become the UK's most successful commercial location and production company. He continues on there today as both company director and producer.


    Petch has written and directed a number of short films, including 'Low Street' which appeared in Raindance, Foyle, LA, and Soho Rushes Film Festivals, where he was nominated best newcomer.




    Petch wrote and directed his first feature film 'The Patrol' about the war in Afghanistan which won the Raindance film festival.


    Recently Tom founded Dark Wave, a UK based film production company to develop his own and others feature films.


    Petch supports mental health, including making a film for the Veteran charity Talking2Minds. He has appeared on Sky and BBC; TV and radio.


    Petch is married and lives by the sea with his four children, when not writing and directing he can be found surfing.

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