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Alternative responses to ISIS

A year after the US led bombing campaign against ISIS two new clouds have appeared in the storm approaching the self declared caliphate. The first, the hacker group Anonymous declared war, though ISIS called them idiots and a splinter group (Ghost)  declared they would spy rather than hack. However this, the first declaration of cyber war may be more effective than the appearance of adverts on the pavements of Shoreditch (London) to attract hipsters to join the ranks of British security services in this new front.
In the second Putin laid out a convincing presentation that ISIS is funded by oil exports to 40 countries. 'Following the money' has a good history of defeating criminal organisations not least the Mafia, and though Putins response in blowing ISIS oil refining and export business to pieces was less sophisticated, it did attract the attention of the new De Gaulle, Hollande.
The US seem aware of the oil exports, hard drives being seized in an SF raid, however claimed not to wish to act as it would cause civilian casualties, though the US has now joined Russia in bombing ISIS fuel convoys. This is further complicated in that the primary US/NATO regional ally Turkey, who have belatedly joined the air armada hovering over Syria, have been caught with the smoking gun of ISIS oil smuggling.
In all of this the national agendas still take the lead; Russia securing deep water port access to the Eastern Mediterranean, which also drove its intervention in Ukraine, and the US/Nato shoring up its southern flank in Turkey, and even now talk of decoupling the Russian/ Iran alliance against ISIS in cold war logic. The Arab proverb, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' rings true, and one the West could embrace as we struggle to combat terrorism.
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